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Mike & Katrina | Wedding at Malibu Beach in Los Angeles, California

Now this was an awesome wedding to photograph. If you couldn't tell from the images below, I had the honor of photographing my sister-in-law's wedding and it was so fantastic. Lots of food, friends, and family were there to make this day so fun to celebrate! For this wedding, my husband and I had our first trip out to California and got a chance to see the sights. We toured Malibu Beach, went and had the most AMAZING Chinese food in downtown LA, had our first What-A-Burger, and even ventured all the way to the Hoover Dam. The wedding was at a quiet beach house about a mile from the ocean and was a darling cottage with terracotta themes and a beautifully tended citrus tree grove at the front of the property. We had such an exciting day filled with wedding prep, the ceremony, and an hours long reception that lasted into the night. Check out the photos from the wedding!